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Tips To Make Most Of Your Dorm Room

Congratulations! If, you are reading the following article that would mean that you are now a college student getting ready to embark on your biggest adventure yet. While many would be looking forward to the college parties, new classes and meeting new friends they would definitely not be looking forward to sharing a minuscule room with one or more roommates. Thus, the following article explores some tips and tricks that one should be aware of before they move to their new home in order to convert this tiny shared space into your very own.


This should be your first step because as a college student you would be living within a limited budget and you should know how to allocate your funds accordingly. However, this does not mean that you would not be able to find comfortable furniture or decorate your room to match your personality. In order to make most of your limited funds one can frequent mattress sale, flea markets, and garage sales or even find unwanted items from your parent’s basement to make your own.


Before purchasing furniture one should realize that they are living in a small room which is about a hundred square feet therefore they cannot fill you room with furniture or bring all your memorabilia from home in order to make the room feel more homely. The most important pieces of furniture would thus be your desk and your bed. The bed will definitely be the focal point of the room as this is where you would snooze after a night of partying or relax after a tiring day. Thus, one should ensure that they convert the bed into a comfy spot which would welcome both you and your friends to relax on it. Hence, one can opt to purchase a king memory foam mattress, plushy bedding and comfy pillows in order to convert this piece of furniture into your haven.


In order to decorate your room one would first need to determine whether they want to go with a theme or not. If not, one can opt to hang movie and music posters to display your preferences or if you are more of the artsy type you can even make your own artwork to decorate the walls.

Even though you may miss your home and your bedroom with your very own personal space at the beginning of the semester by following the aforementioned tips one can make sure to convert this barren tiny space into their home away from home.