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Top 5 Wedding Flowers Mistakes You Must Avoid

A wedding is such an important milestone of a person’s life. That’s exactly why all of its elements should be given enough priority. If not, you will be regretting it for the rest of your life. The fragrant flowers that come to decorate your wedding is one of the most top priorities in that list. That’s why you should be well aware on how this could go wrong well beforehand to prevent them from happening.Here are top 5 wedding flower mistakes that you should avoid at all times.

Not matching with the wedding theme

Relating the wedding theme and the floral aspect is vital. Any unsuitable nature would be quickly recognizable and your photographer will not be able to find those aesthetic angles for creative shots. Hence, ensure that the flower types that you use has some sort of a relation to the tonal point of view. With the help of your wedding planner it shouldn’t be that difficult to make a choice.

Waiting until the last moment to hire a professional

Expecting a great florist to be available at the last moment is unwise. Since all the good ones in the field work according to boked schedules, you might have to settle down for whomever you can find if you waited until the last moment. Hence, ensure that you have selected your choice of the professional and the shop well before. This would give enough time for you to go for a plan B, if the circumstances were unfavorable.

Choosing heavily scented flowers

It’s great to have a nice floral smell going all over the venue during the ceremony but you don’t want excessive smell to steal away the attention of the people. Or worse, make their noses shrink. This is why you should have a good idea on the odor emission of your choice of flowers.

Poor prior research on the available options

If your floral professional isn’t capable of providing you with a catalog full of flower and bouquet arrangements, then they aren’t as professional as they claim to be. If you didn’t know, chocolate bouquets Mackay that are arranged as flowers is a thing in modern weddings and they can be used to boost the visual and the tasteful nature of the occasion. Hence, investing in something like that isn’t so bad.Sticking to one color onlyIt might look good in your mind to select the flowers from the same color as the wedding theme, which is different from ‘matching’, but in reality, your flowers just might be invisible. That’s why you should never ever go monochromatic, ever.