Seashells: The Beauty From Life In Water

Seashells: The Beauty From Life In Water

Sea shells entice everyone, from those who live by the sea shore to those who are occasional visitors. The beautiful colors, from dirty brown to pristine white, and the spiral lines describe the individuality of a sea shell and makes them uniquely beautiful.

What are sea shells?

Sea shells are hard calcium carbonate skeletons housing soft-bodied creatures who have affinity for saline water. These shells have very little protein content and serve as protective cover for the animals that inhabit them. The category of animals found weaving this exoskeleton is called molluscs.

What is shelling?

Shelling refers to the art of finding, observing and collecting shells from the beach. This hobby is a favourite amongst all age groups of people inhabiting areas near beaches.

How can I collect sea shells?

Sea shells can be easily collected from various beaches while taking a stroll. Some of the more desired ones are easily available for purchase in shops or on internet. Affordable hermit crab shells for sale are particularly attractive to many who like collecting shells.

Various shops around the beach also offer sea shells for sale. If your house is not near the beach or you find the task of cleaning and storing these sea shells, worry not, large sea shells for sale are available now online and for in store purchases.

How to clean and store sea shells?

Sea shells can release repulsive odors if not treated in proper solutions before storage due to the decomposing of organic debris. Once the inhabitant organism leaves the shell, it should be soaked in a 50:50 bleach solution in water. This helps in cleaning the inside structure and dissolving the debris lodges inside.

What are the various uses of sea shells?

The unambiguous exquisiteness of these shells makes them decorative objects. Perfect shell jewelry has also caught the fancy of various fashion designers and many aquatic theme dresses have been embellished with sea shells and work with accessories made from the same. Sea shells are also used as sources of calcium in gardening. What are the most popular beaches to collect sea shells?

While shells are abundantly present at almost all the beaches, some are blessed with more varieties and exotic types of shells. Some of the most popular beaches for collection of shells worldwide are the Sanibel Island in Florida, USA, the Shell Beach located on Western Australian coast, the Barricane Beach, Devon, UK , the Agios Dimitrios in Greece, the Albufeira in Portugal and the Koh Thmei in Cambodia. But as technology has made the world a small place, no matter the distance from you to the nearest coast, you can collect shells right at your fingertips by buying them online and create beautiful décor and crafts with them!

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